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FooQai ensures consistent plating results for every customer, eliminating messy plates, catching mistakes, avoiding allergy ingredients,  poor execution, and unappetizing food.

Consistency Matters 

FooQai’s software is designed from the ground up for the restaurant industry.

Our patent pending AI software is ready to support the busiest weekend rush you got!


FooQai AI Software

Dig into business insights to see how plate accuracy and consistency improves over time. 

Reporting and Analytics

Running a successful restaurant is hard. That's why we've designed services to help your back-of-house team use AI technology in practical and straightforward ways. 

Get up and running quickly by importing your menu into FooQai. 


Menu Importing 

Never before seen reporting insights and capabilities to drive efficiency and operational success. 

Business Insights 

Operationalize FooQai directly into your kitchens work stream within hours. 


We've blended hospitality and technology experts into a powerhouse delivery team. 

White-glove Support 

Ready to get started?

Talk with our team today about starting with FooQai 

FooQai's commercial-grade hardware is designed to endure busy weekend nights and is thoughtfully designed for aesthetic value. 

Durable and ready for a tough night in the kitchen. 


FooQai Station 

Incredible accuracy to capture plate perfection. 

Intake Camera 




About Us 


Patent & Trademark 

Copyright 2024. All Rights Reserved by FooQai LLC 

Used to rapidly inform a back of house team.

Plate Readiness 

All the little things that make FooQai run and operate inside your kitchen. 

System Accessories 

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