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Single restaurant location? Explore our Quick Start Single Station. 

Plate Confidently 

Immediately detect plating errors, avoid allergy ingredients, messy plates, and poor plate execution.

Simplified pricing. No financial barriers. We're a flexible partner, ready to meet your business needs. 

Plans & Pricing

How it works...

Analyze a plate for accuracy

Enhance your kitchen's performance by training for brand excellence. Ensure every dish earns an A-grade with our AI driven solution. 

Maintain brand and customer satisfaction with accurate plating 

Precision isn't a sporadic aim; it's a constant customer expectation. Let us demonstrate the excellence we can bring to your kitchen

Reduced food cost

Kenneth Prescot explains how he reduced to-go order mistake by using AI to enforce order before firing off pizzas into ovens.

Kenneth Prescott III

Global Executive Chef, Portland, ME 

Seasonal menu launch 

AI was not the first solution. But learn how an open mind changed a kitchen culture into a machine of consistency and passion for excellence. 

Enzo Mistretta 
Executive Chef, Carlsbad, CA 

Kitchen efficiency 

Learn how the Daily Press established rules to elevate their kitchen staff, improve line consistency and deliver repeatable customer satisfaction from every station. 

Madeline Guiney 

Owner, Cohasset, MA 

Learn more about how we're helping restaurant kitchens apply AI technology to their business. 

Dig into business insights to see how plate accuracy and consistency improves overtime. 

Reporting and Analytics

Our patent pending AI software is ready to support the busiest weekend rush you got!

FooQai AI Software




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Discover how kitchens leverage AI to scale plate consistency to customers  

Case Studies 

Jump start training by manually entering your menu or using our integration capabilities.

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